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    R9 380X Gaming G1 Fans don't turn since driverupdate


      So yesterday it finally told me that there was new driver-update *hurray*  (didn't check yet if the problems i was experiencing ingame actually got resolved by it) What i noticed later the day was, that my computer was strangely loud while i was just watching some livestreams and had no games running. I just figured that it was, because temperatures outside are going up and that it was just requiring more cooling, since my fans always became quite loud pretty fast since i upgraded to this card last month, but the temps kept around 40-50°C while running older games and went up to ~55-60°C in something like fallout.


      Which lead to me not checking GPU-Z and had it running like this for many hours and even started playing in between.
      So i started up the PC today, started the Legion Beta up and went to check the forums while on character screen. Suddenly my fans went from being rather quiet to going full-Rambo-mode for about a second. Few seconds later again and again. So i paniced a bit and closed WoW in an instant with like "WTF is going on?"
      Looked around google for a bit and then opened GPU-Z which told me:  GPU Temp: 90°C rising,  Fan Speed (RPM): AT LEAST 2500  Fan Speed (%) 0%

      So simply by listening i could tell, that the fans were not at 2500, figured maybe GPU-Z was outdated, so i downloaded it again, still same results.
      Shut down PC, opened and i got a kinda crazy heat coming at me.. so the card actually really heated up that far and the sensors / GPU-Z are working just fine..


      I kept it open and restarted the PC. The Fans indeed started up while loading windows(7 Professional) but then turned off. I did not let anything run but my normal desktop applications and GPU-Z and watched the temp slowly rising to 92°C. The fans? Kept quiet, did not even bother to start turning. Went on vacation or something.
      So i again turned off, turned back on and the fans again started up and turned off then.
      Now i am controlling them with MSI Afterburner and they work just fine, temp while typing this is constant 35° at 40% runspeed, 1300RPM, which tells me, as a noob in terms of computer hardware,  two things: the sensors are working just fine (it's set to auto on msi and gpu-z is giving the same numbers msi does now) and the fans work just fine.


      And finally my question:  What is this related to? Did the driver update F***  everything up? It was the only thing i installed the last few days and all other fans are working just fine (which also would explain, why they went nuts yesterday, when they actually have to do the work for the gpu fans aswell...)


      • AMD Graphics Card
        • GIGABYTE Radeon R9 380X Gaming G1 4GB
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Win 7 Pro (64)
      • Driver version installed
        • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2
      • Display Devices
        • 10000 years old something, 1920x1080 60hz
        • even older something else 1280x1024 60hz
      • Motherboard
        • I have no clue
      • CPU/APU
        • AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core  3.50Ghz
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • see: motherboard
      • RAM
        • 32GB







      Btw: I also noticed that it was pretty warm in my room yesterday... made me think more, that it was outdoors temps rising... now that i think about all this, i am actually really scared about how hot the card actually became... and it ran with d3 in the background for a while even, before i noticed today (left my room, only started it up so it wouldn't switch to standby ) Thanks, now i am 100% paranoid -.-

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          You really should get info about your motherboard and PSU.

          If  you can't, then ask someone who knows about hardware.


          You can't solve problems by not knowing what hardware you have. That's just bad. Really bad.


          You should check for BIOS updates for your motherboard, check if your power supply has enough power. Check if you CPU cooler is runnning as it should. No dust and fan is spinning. Check all your case fans. Remove dust from your case and fans.


          And not just one time, You have to check your computer every month to see if there is dust and fans are spinning.

          And very important. Check if there is Thermal paste on your CPU before connecting CPU cooler.


          Many things to think about, but if you want a computer to run without problems you have to know something about hardware and how your computer works. ,