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    Phenomenon in which the memory clock is higher of the GPU and the Hertz of the monitor to 144Hz

      Hello. We will for the first time posted . 
      I am worried or not has become a funny sentence is equal to English can not be entirely in Japanese
      I will be posted with the but Japanese translation .
      If as in the thread of the title , but do not know whether only my PC environment to the Hertz of the monitor to 144Hz increases the memory clock of the GPU.
      I if to 120Hz clock drops to a value of the idle state, but will become a high- clock and to 144Hz. My GPU is R9 390 made of MSI
      The driver I use is 16.3.2 Crimson

      The state would like to know whether I only such of whether or to everyone also the same .
      If I think I would like you to tell me if it is , such as the measures be just me .
      By the way, is not a dual display .
      Finally, keep writing the details of my PC environment

      CPU Intel Core i7-3770k@stock
      M/B ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
      OS  Windows10 Home 64Bit
      Monitor ASUS VG248QE

      I'm sorry when I became a strange English .