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    Monitor related issues


      Monitor is ASUS MG279Q and GPU Fury X.


      Many problems have been plaguing recently, and they didn´t stop when moving from r9 290->Fury X.-There´s this "DP link failure" happening once in a while, haven´t been able to relate it to anything, just happens.

      -Monitor "loses" choises of refresh rate, defaults to 60HZ, even when I just instance ago ran it in 144Hz mode, sometimes when messing with game settings, sometimes just in middle of gaming session without touching any settings...

      -Monitor gets full of artifacts- stripes covering part\full my monitor, resolved by switching monitor on\off


      Also the Freesync introduces a huge input lag when switched on. That´s why I mainly use 144Hz mode, even when game runs near 30FPS.

      Somehow I "feel" all it is connected somehow to how DP\FS and drivers communicate to each other. Can´t relate it to any particular game or settings though.


      PS. Monitors should be introduced a FS ON\OFF hardware switch, separately of all other switches. Its pain in da (youknowwhere;)) to go to monitor settings, turn FS ON, go to AMD settings turn FS ON. Discover that FS ON is worse than FS OFF, take the actions in reversed order. Trying out other game the next day, repeat the whole procedure. Would be great if FS ON switch on monitors would turn on FS on monitor AND on drivers side. Why I´m posting it in AMD forums? Because I find that AMD is driving all FS initiative, so would be in their interest to optimise the whole FS experience also.


      Sorry if its too much issues all together. I just think all is related to how AMD drivers\hardware and monitor should\would work together...


      My setup:


      I5 3570k

      MSI Z77-GD65

      8GB RAM(have tried different settings, seems not to be related)

      Fury X

      some SSD\HDD


      Monitor: ASUS MG279Q @1440p 144Hz mainly

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          Have you gotten solution for this? I'm experiencing the same

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              Haven´t encountered any more artifacts- RMA fixed it.


              But about the FS compatibility- it´s still just plain awful .

              Couldn´t get it working with Dishonored 2 at all, awful tearing appeared after I finally managed to switch it on. The thing is Fraps shows dips to 34 FPS but monitor doesn´t follow it- something messed up.


              In other games(mainly NFS 2013) can´t get it to work often. Sometimes FS switches ON. But sometimes I have to restart PC, turn FS on in CCC, turn OFF in CCC, turn monitor ON\OFF. Turn FS ON\OFF in monitor settings and repeat all the steps. Quite frankly getting annoyed of this so called "feature" which works only 1 time in 10.