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Radeon Setting Has Stopped

Question asked by rageagainst918 on Apr 2, 2016


I was having this issue with radeon setting stopping ramdomly, and when it stopped the only way to get it back was to reboot.  I seem to have fixed the problem (sort of), it hasn't stopped for the past week.  There was a program running in the background, Asus Sonic Studio, that seemed to cause a conflict.  When Settings stopped working I couldn't restart it, but if I close Sonic Studio it will restart no problem and run without issue until I restart Sonic studio, then within 5-15 minutes, (i know it's weird but there isn't a set time frame), Settings will stop again.


So this post is an FYI and a question.  I hadn't seen any answers to this question saying check programs running in the background.  I quit using Sonic Studio earlier in the week and haven't had any issues with Settings stopping.  Maybe some of you out there are having the same issue as me and this might help.  Your problem might be a different program than mine, so worth a shot to shut down your background programs one at a time to see.  If not, no harm done reboot and your back to normal.  If I can help you avoid uninstall and reinstall for something as simple as closing down a background program, then good.


I did try installing the latest version of Sonic Studio and it didn't help, so now I just don't run it.  My question is, am I missing something else here, a setting somewhere that might be causing this conflict?  Not that big of a deal, I have other sound related programs to use, but now I am curious there is some other issue that is causing the conflict between the two programs.


If needed, my setup :

i7 6700k, Asus Maximus VIII Hero, Gskill trident z 16g 3000mhz, intel 240 ssd and ocz 480ssd, (2) xfx r9 390x, windows 10 64bit, 16.3.2 crimson Driver 16.150.2211.0 whql


Thanks for the time



Just wanted to update that since I deleted my "problem program" I have not had Radeon Settings crash.  So I know this is more of a work around than a fix, but it's worth a try before you go and reinstall drivers.


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