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Now i reported on  amdsurveys - about my problem

Question asked by artem333 on Apr 2, 2016
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I playing games like unreal tournament 3 dishonored mass effect(1 of 3 part) injustice deus ex human revolution and i have low (very) framerate like 1-10 fps on 5-10 minutes on new graphics drivers, like catalys omega or crimson.Why i have this lags? Wat problem with drivers? When i install older 12.4 drrivers -all of these games are runs smooth and great, but i cant play newer games on this driver.Please Fix it i have this problem like 2-3 years now! Or tell me how can i fix it without uninstalling drivers.Thanks i know bad english( know russian) ________________________________________and how long need wait reply? I need fix this problem quickly because i cant play games and have fun! I have this problem like 2-3 years ! ='/ i dont want wasting time and reinstall drivers always when i want play just 3- 5 games where i have lags, and reinstalling back to new version to play new games.____________Check 12.4 drivers  on this drivers in games i dont have any dpors on dishonored injustice mass effect or other freezes. check and fix this PLEASE on new drivers! Is it dont so hard i thing, something gone wrong with new drivers like 13.4 -14.4 and more.....