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Poor performance of Source engine on AMDGPU or fglrx drivers

Question asked by blueskull on Apr 2, 2016

Hi all,


I am experiencing very poor performance on my Linux machine. CS:CZ runs smoothly, Unigine Valley runs at a lower FPS, but at least it gives me 30 fps, despite it gives my 70 fps on Windows.

However, the 2 Source engine games I tried, HL2 and L4D2, run very sluggish. All animations are so so, but not too bad. Whenever I move my mouse or keyboard, it starts to freeze. In the meanwhile, FPS remains >=60.

I know I am running on a particularly awful CPU, but on the same CPU using Windows, I get super smooth experience on both games. I can even run HL2 smoothly on iGPU (i5-4250U) even under Linux.

I highly suspect it is due to bad GPU driver. Can anyone confirm that AMD driver is sluggish even with not very demanding games like HL2 or L4D2?

So far I've tried fglrx in 15.10 repo, Crimson 15 from binary and AMDGPU in 16.04 kernel, and the latter one is worse, but both 3 suck.


Here is the hardware list:

ASRock X99E ITX ac

Xeon E5-2603V3 (I use this CPU before E5V4 BIOS releases, I have a 2696V4 on my hand, but I do not want to risk frying it)

AMD R9 nano

32GB ECC 2400 RDIMM*2 (derated to 1600 due to limitation of CPU)


Once again, can anyone confirm that Source engine is not compatible with AMD drivers in Linux?