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AMD HD Radeon 8670 external Monitor and game not working

Question asked by arock on Apr 2, 2016


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad S540. It has on board graphics (Intel HD family) and AMD Radeon HD 8670.

I have two problems, but i guess they have some sort of relation.

Firrst: I tried to play a game (Might & Magic: Heroes VII) which needs at least Radeon HD 5850 and has recommended Radeon HD 7870. So it should be fine with my HD 8670, rigth?

it does not work. the game is laggy and unplayable. (same Thing for Rocketleague, which does require even less specs). So I had the idea to force my laptop to use the AMD graphics. I turned the intel graphics of and now there is problem number 2:

My TV, which i use as external monitor, doesnt get a signal. If i try to select between splitscreen, mirror and so on, it allways tells me:
"The Output cant be displayed at the externel monitor, please reinstall drivers or use an other graphic card."

When i reanable the Intel graphics, the TV instantly turns on again (so no problem on this side).


If i check the 8670 for driver updates, it says it's up to date.


So, do you have any ideas?

I guess there is something wrong which would explain both issues....


Thank you for your help!