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"Please install AMD chipset driver first!" message-- New member needs help

Question asked by g0g0 on Apr 2, 2016
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I joined this forum for the first time a few minutes ago: A few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows 10, arguably the most regrettable decision of my life. Although the update has posed no major problems at my office desktop machine, I have had serious and recurrent trouble with my home desktop machine. I'm hoping that the root cause of the problem, or at least one of the root causes, relates to the message that now displays every time I boot up my home machine: "Please install the AMD chipset drivers first!"


(I don't know if anyone viewing this post is curious to know about the specific symptoms I'm seeing in my home machine since the Windows 10 upgrade other than the chipset message I quoted above, but if any one of you is, I will mention it here. Briefly: 1) My Start menu disappears randomly and unpredictably, and I will receive apologetic messages to this effect directing me to sign off. Sometimes the Start menu simply isn't available from the first, after booting up; less often it disappears in the middle of a work session for no consistent reason. 2) Although my machine has two DVD drives, only one is now functional and displayed as such; the other DVD drive is not functional and is not listed among the drives on the machine. 3) Even when the Start menu is available, the appropriate Windows 10 "File Processing" displayed on the desktop at my office machine is not displayed and not available at home. I can access my documents and other important folders only indirectly in a roundabout way. For example, to access my Documents folder, I need to launch a word processing or spreadsheet or other document-creating program which will access my Documents folder at the moment I act to save a new document. There's no direct path to go directly to the Documents folder.)


If I were more computer-literate and sophisticated, perhaps I could have accomplished this with less trouble, but only with great difficulty have I been able to learn that my "AMD chipset" is identified as AMD 785 G -- in order to learn this I needed to download and install a piece of freeware entitled CPU-Z which associated the display "Northbridge" with AMD 785 G-- please correct me if I'm mistaken, but my reading on this subject  convinces me that "Northbridge" is my chipset, and so I should be on the right track identifying it as AMD 785 G.


Here's the most distressing part: When I go to AMD's website, I thought I should be able to find this without difficulty under "Drivers and Downloads" and expected to be able to download the necessary software. No such thing happens, whether I enter AMD 785 G or AMD 785G or just 785 G.



What to do please?



Thanks so much.