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    AMD HD R9 380


      I have been having nothing but problems with this card since the day I got it. Either it's a strange "out of memory" bug while surfing the web. It's a 2GB card. I have 16GB of system ram. Or a driver not responding. Or it's telling the monitor to go into sleep mode while playing a game (Star Trek Online) requiring a computer reboot to have the monitor work again. I have Windows 10 installed. I never had this problem with my 2GB HD AMD Radeon 7700 series card. The only reason why I am not using that one was it was starting to fail (textures in game where turning rainbow color) I paid over $200 for the R9 380. I am not a happy camper in the least. Any idea's? Thanks! Oh and a note: When playing Star Trek Online. I hear a fan(s) go into high speed.


      PC Specs:

      Windows 10 Home 64bit

      Intel Core i7-3770 3rd generation at 3.4gz up to 3.9gz

      16GB or ram

      750 watt Power Supply

      3 Fans running (aside from the CPU and graphics card fans) 2 Large fans sucking in air from the front. 1 small blowing out in back plus a vent (all fans clean)

      1 SSD 500GB Operating System Drive

      1 TB game drive, 1 TB junk drive

      Sound Blaster Audigy FX

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          Well it turned out to be the card. I popped in a much older Radeon HD 6870 and yet to encounter any problems. As a matter of fact, my game is running a lot smoother! No jerkiness or nothing. Just smooth gameplay! The HD 6870 is not only older, but it was cheaper and only has 1GB of memory. Still not happy about wasting $200 on a supposedly "Better" card.