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AMD HD R9 380

Question asked by mtribute06 on Apr 2, 2016
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I have been having nothing but problems with this card since the day I got it. Either it's a strange "out of memory" bug while surfing the web. It's a 2GB card. I have 16GB of system ram. Or a driver not responding. Or it's telling the monitor to go into sleep mode while playing a game (Star Trek Online) requiring a computer reboot to have the monitor work again. I have Windows 10 installed. I never had this problem with my 2GB HD AMD Radeon 7700 series card. The only reason why I am not using that one was it was starting to fail (textures in game where turning rainbow color) I paid over $200 for the R9 380. I am not a happy camper in the least. Any idea's? Thanks! Oh and a note: When playing Star Trek Online. I hear a fan(s) go into high speed.


PC Specs:

Windows 10 Home 64bit

Intel Core i7-3770 3rd generation at 3.4gz up to 3.9gz

16GB or ram

750 watt Power Supply

3 Fans running (aside from the CPU and graphics card fans) 2 Large fans sucking in air from the front. 1 small blowing out in back plus a vent (all fans clean)

1 SSD 500GB Operating System Drive

1 TB game drive, 1 TB junk drive

Sound Blaster Audigy FX