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what is up with amd cpu's you need to get better architecture

Question asked by kaos6669 on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2016 by techguy

like seriously i read about all the kerfuffle over intel etc but i dont want to go to intel but the choice is getting less and less of my willing im a amd fan boy i guess but im not biased either we all know that intel have made a massive gap on amd why can't you please develop a new architecture to bring back that hyperthreading performance as competitive as you used to be it was great back in the day i could grab a amd cpu and throw it with good gpu etc and have competitive results if not blow away a lot of intel builds now im lucky to be able to do the best fx series cpu build with say a r9 290x or whatever to beat a intel build of say a i7 6700k and gtx 970 please i dont want to leave but im a gamer and need the performance