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New 390x results in very sluggish system.

Question asked by kevreids on Apr 2, 2016
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Hello everyone,


I recently have acquired a new 390x and have noticed an extremely long boot time as well as very slow motherboard screens and very slow windows boots. I also have a sluggish experience after windows does boot. This post was written with the mentioned system, but I have a noticable keyboard delay as well as windows tab delays that definitely were not there before. My system at stock clocks, cpu temps from 29 idle to 55 C stressed, graphic temps are from 32 idle to 74 C stressed, all according to cpuid hwmonitor. Im using the latest 16.3 driver downloaded from the website.

intel 4790k

gigabyte ga-z97m-ds3h

crucial 16gb ddr3 1600

samsung evo ssd boot

hitachi / wd hdd storage

xfx radeon 390x

evga 1000w g2

win 7 x64

dismal performance: AMD Radeon R9 390 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4790K,Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97M-DS3H (sad face)

The system was previously running the intel hd 4600 integrated graphics. Man was it fast on startup and boot. The system beep was almost instantaneous, and the spiraling windows intro colors barely moved before windows loaded in. I mean if you were not on your Whac-A-Mole skills, you would miss the opportunity to enter the bios 2 times in a row. Amazing! It even played games like the latest version of Wolfenstein flawlessly. Then, after some jealousy from everyone in my circle upgrading graphics cards and some hours reading this and that, I choose radeon 390x. Best buy bound, $379 and a lifetime warranty later, I am feeling good about my purchase. Now though, I am contemplating my decision. Anyone out there had an issue as this and solved it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would definitely like to get this resolved before my no questions asked 15 day return policy is up.


Much Obliged,



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