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After update Crimson 16.3.2: Frame drops in several games

Question asked by bohica on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by bohica

Hello all,


About my PC:

Windows 10 x64, Build 14295

Intel Core i5-3570 @3.40GHz

Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X OC


ASRock Z77 Pro3


After I updated the Radeon software to Crimson version 16.3.2, I am experiencing heavy framerate drops in several games that are normally not that demanding (Rocket League, FIFA 16, CS:GO on medium settings, Watch_Dogs).

For example in Rocket League, frames stay stable at 144 FPS (target frame rate in Radeon settings), then suddenly drop to 50-60 for a split second, just to come up to 144 again.

This causes stuttering and awkward video jumps during the game, which is very annoying and should not happen with this kind of setup.

Before the update, everything went smooth, FPS were great in every game.


Does someone have an idea on what to look at?

I tried removing the driver completely with DDU in safe mode and reinstalled again from the website, but nothing changed.


I appreciate every feedback I can get!


Edit: I have now tested a bit more, MSI Afterburner shows the GPU clock dropping down to 400 - 800 during the FPS drops.

Are these drops by design? Temperature is around 70-75 degrees Celsius, which for me is no reason to scale down on performance.


During YouTube videos, the GPU clock is stable on 1010 MHz @ 60 degrees Celsius, not dropping at any time.