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    Nitrous V.2

      CPUFX-9590 Overlcokced
      MOBOASUS 970 Aura
      GPUGTX 960 Windforce custom painted
      SSD120gb 850 Evo
      HDD1TB WD Green
      RAM8GB XPG 1600mhz
      PSU500 Watt 80+ EVGA
      CaseThermaltake Versa N21
      Fans2 Coolermaster Sickleflow fans
      CPU CoolerThermaltake NiC 4

      Description: Mid range gaming PC, trying to attempt the best budget bang for it's buck.


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          What is the CPU overclocked to?  And what are the CPU temperature?

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              5.1ghz Not much of a Massive OC... Just wanted to do something lol, going to upgrade to watercooling soon. Temps are around 35c idle and around 60-70 under heavy load for long periods of time. If its under load for around 15-20 min it goes up to 50c

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                  That board won't handle that chip for very long. At the very least fix a fan blowing on the VRM ASAP. ASUS documentation promises support to 125W TDP CPUs max. I would not run a 9000-series CPU on that motherboard even if the VRM was under water, not to mention OC it. The power delivery on most boards can't handle the load and they tend to go up in smoke after a short while.


                  If you want to keep using that chip without worrying about burning stuff, first get a proper board for it (CH V Formula-Z or Sabertooth 990FX are the only ones I'd actually recommend - and still add an extra fan blowing on the VRM) and then put the chip under water. Preferrably liquid cool the power delivery as well.


                  This isn't a joke - people don't understand how many boards those chips have destroyed. There's a reason only a handful of motherboards promise support for those 220w chips.

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                      Not to negative about your build but, I have to agree with thewalrus on this !

                      I had asked about the heat build up on the CPU because, running that chip on air is not advised by AMD.  Also, he is right about the power requirements for the CPU on that board. ASUS says it is for CPU's up to 125w but also says the 9590 chips is supported, so it must be a bios upgrade that allows it.

                      It makes me wonder if the hardware can take it. 


                      Also, that power supply of yours must be running really hot!   With that CPU at 220w plus the GPU at about 225w, your maxing out the power supply.  For that set up you should be running a power supple of at least 750w. 

                      You spent so much money on the parts for that build and then risk frying all of it because you want to save some money by using an inexpensive power supply. I've seen this happen on other builds and its not good.  Never cheap out on the power supply, also go with a power supply that is at least 80+Gold rated (imo).

                      I hope this is of some help to you.