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    Bottleneck or Dying GPU?


      I recently ordered an r9 380x Nitro and I've been having some issues with it.

      The performance is not what was researched, which led me to believe that maybe it could be faulty, or my CPU is bottlenecking it.

      The maximum FPS in games is outstanding (120-300!) but when things start getting slightly intense, the FPS takes a dive (30-80).  All of this depends on the game I'm playing at the time.

      When I try to record videos using the H264 AMD APP video codec, the video will have bright green frames flash rapidly.

      When I tried to overlock it by a total of 3%, my games would freeze, not launch, and crash.  Sometimes my PC would crash as well.

      My PC's overall performance in games drops when I even start the Elgato software for my Elgato HD Pro capture card.

      My PC specs are:

      i5 4690 Quad Core CPU @3.5Ghz

      16GB 1600Mhz DDR3

      650 Watt EVGA PSU

      2TB Hitachi HDD

      1TB Seagate or Western Digital (can't remember)

      Elgato HD Pro


      Any knowledge of this would help greatly!

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          Does the GPU work well on its own without running Elgato software or with the GPU overclocked? If so, then it's unlikely to be faulty.


          Have you tried using the AMD Gaming Evolved Application instead? That can record videos with a very small performance hit.