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New update cannot be installed - Bin64\InstallManagerApp.exe missing.

Question asked by xuren17 on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by brightdarkness

Hello everyone,


So I wanted to download the new update of AMD Radeon (I have version 15.301.1801.1001--160203... and it wants me to install 16.15.2211-160321a (WHQL); using R7 370 Series, Windows 10). But at some point of the installation itself (when the percentage is already on the screen) it showed me that AMD radeon.exe has stopped working. OK, let us try it again. But when I clicked the Continue (It asked me: Do you really want to quit AMD blah blah blah and run the installation program [Hope that is the right translation, I am from Czech republic]? It showed me: Windows cannot find file Bin64[backslash]InstallManagerAPP.exe. Make sure the name is correct and try again. In the computer, I have found 4 files of name Bin64, every one of them containing InstallManagerAPP.exe. These Bin64 were in folders 15.12-Win10-64bit, 16.3.2-MinimalSetup, Non-HQL16.1.1-Win10-Win8.1, WHQL 16.1-64bit-Win10-Win8.1. So my question is: What shall I do now? I do not want to have old version of drivers.