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    Gigabyte R9 270x seems to perform worse on Win10/16.3.2 crimson drivers?


      Welp, just yesterday I did something I said I wouldn't for a long time and upgraded to Windows 10. Haven't actually had any problems, other than the fact that my GPU seems to not be able to run as much/well as it could before, on Win 8.1.

      My GPU is a Gigabyte R9 270x 2gb, at 1100mhz core and 1400mhz memory (Stock speeds)

      Previously, I could play a somewhat intensive game (In this case, Space Engineers) on my main 1920x1080 monitor, and play a 1080p60 YT video on my 2nd 1280x1024 monitor perfectly fine. The game lost probably 1-2 FPS, and the video streamed perfectly.


      But now, when doing the exact same thing, the video stutters, and the audio gets out of sync. I also noticed that my FPS seems to be lower than it should be (comparing to other people's postings) in a lot of games.


      My CPU (FX-6300, OC'd to 4.2ghz) stays under 70c (H7 cooler), and the GPU hasn't gone above 80c, but the usage is around 97% (according to MSI Afterburner)

      I noticed that when Win10 installed (upgrade from Win8.1, kept programs), it also updated my GPU drivers to AMD Crimson 16.3.2.

      Has anyone had issues with this card on these drivers or Win10? And if so, do you know how I could fix this?