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    idk what to call this screen flickering or not sure


      ill have some gyazos in the chat its nothing bad its just me using a desktop screen shot to show u what it looked like this has happened to me twice so idk if its a driver issue or my card going bad but ive had it happen today and saturday Gyazo - 214112e09e2ea5961a80963b58154e36.png   Gyazo - d5751773f18c95a72142b6dc1e1d870a.png  before the first time i was able to sign out this time i couldnt but the first time the driver crashed etc ill add the pics too if u dont wanan click the gyazos any and all help would be appreciated also im using an r9 270x windows 10 and after the second time i had the crash i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers so far so good knock on wood lol