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    Crimson 16.3.2 Unable to play games in Fullscreen



      I see the exact same issue reported but by someone who has Crossfire enabled. ( Full Screen games Flickering )

      I do not.

      This is my system :


      Motherboard : Asus Z97-K

      CPU: Intel 4690K

      Ram: 32 GB Kingston 1866

      Video: Sapphire R9 280X Toxic


      After i installed the new driver i can not play any game in full screen.

      Games tried : NFS Rivals

      Grid 2


      What happens is that the game starts and it starts flickering on my screen , then just a blank screen. If i alt tab it and then go back to the game , but in Window game it works , BUT i want to play my games fullscreen.

      In my opinion this is TOO MUCH. You can't release a driver that behaves like that. You just can not. Please fix it ASAP .