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why does your software not find updates?

Question asked by johnorion on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by kingfish

Was wondering why AMD Gaming Evolved doesn't find updates?


I was on Oculus's forum because they seem to dislike AMD and will fail a system (say its not compatible) if it is running an AMD processor and I wanted to find out why because in the SteamVR test, my AMD system blew away some systems with a i5 and beat some systems with an i7.  While there I saw someone state that they couldn't update to 16.3.2.  I responded by saying since 16.3.1 is their latest beta driver that could be why you cant install 16.3.2 ... then I checked your website and saw there was a new driver. I opened my AMD Gaming Evolved again and it said driver up to date with the 16.3.1 driver and when i clicked the Check for update it says I'm up to date. I feel foolish because I can't remove my post on Oculus now... Guess I will have to put in a note that AMD's software didn't notify me that there was a new driver.


If I check the AMD Radeon Settings and go to update there .. then run the check .. it does find the new driver but ... if I hadn't seen the post I wouldn't have known since I never use the check button on the Radeon Settings and the AMD Gaming Evolved checks for updates every time I launch it, I didn't think I had too.


Guess the checking for updates in AMD Gaming Evolved is broken ... I have always found the drivers by going to the website or hearing it on a tech channel that there has been an update... AMD Gaming Evolved has never once told me I needed to update a driver when a new one came out ... it always says I'm "up to date"