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R9 295x2 crossfire crash: thread stuck BSOD

Question asked by lineysa on Mar 29, 2016
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First time asking for help on here but I'm seriously out of options.

I've currently got two R9 295x2 cards fitted in my system and am running windows 10 home 1511 (10586.164), I also have the latest chipset and Crimson Graphic driver packages 16.3.2

Whenever I try to call anyone in skype, load GTA V, Mad Max, Black Desert online or any other large game it causes a bluescreen: Thread_stuck_in_device_driver

I've analyzed the dump files and found it to be caused by atikmdag.sys

I've also tried every possible fix i could think of, uninstalling using AMD uninstaller and reinstalling fresh drivers, removing it using DDU and installing fresh. Underclocking the cards, updating the bios on the cards, disabling each in turn, removing one at a time and alternating.

I've also reinstalled the OS so many times I've lost count, just in case that was the cause.

The final attempt was to isolate the entire thing by disabling the adapters and replacing the atikmdag.sys in windows/system32 with the one from the installer unpacks.

I've even tried rolling all the way back to catalyst drivers. No components are overclocked and amd turbocore is disabled.

So far none of the above have worked.


My current system is:

Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0

AMD FX-8120

16GB Avexir 2400mhz ram

2x R9 295x2

Asus Xonar phoebus

All running on a Superflower Leadex 1000w Gold


strangely I can run simple games such as planetbase via steam with no issues, anything that heavily utilises graphics crashes the entire system.

Anyone who could offer help with this, thank you so much in advance.


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