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    Flickering reflections(or shadows, not sure)


      Hello, the problem i'm experiencing is some odd almost unnoticeable flickering on some reflections or shadows in just a few games. I have noticed it in Blade and Soul on the vegetation when there are shadows being cast on it, if i move the camera slowly they seem to start flickering (its barely noticeable). The other game i noticed something similar is in Team Fortress 2 just on the water in cp_well map, it will flicker just a bit of bit when reflecting, though it doesn't happen always.


      I have already reinstalled drivers and installed the latest ones. The card is fairly new, bought it about a month ago, the PC is also recently built. These are the specs:


      • Graphics card: r7 360
      • Graphics drivers: Crimson 16.3.2
      • CPU: Intel i5 4440
      • Motherboard: gigabyte ga-b85m-d3h
      • RAM: Kingston 1x8 GB 1600mhz
      • PSU: EVGA 500W 80 plus
      • OS: Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate


      Video here 2016 03 29 2155 28 - YouTube , notice how the lighting on the foliage and water seems a bit weird. I hope i'm not going crazy over this.


      UPDATE: Ok, so i decided to switch to the integrated graphics to check, and the problem remains the same. So i assume the video card is good and the problem is either with the software, the cpu, the ram or maybe just a monitor issue who knows.