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    The Division Once Playable, Now...not so much.


      Posting this for a friend of mine while he is at work.


      We did a full clean install of windows, moved his motherboard back into a larger case with more breathing room, and put in a stronger Graphic's card. We installed the Division, and it was playing flawlessly at 40 - 50 FPS on low - med settings. Played all night long no issues. He went to play in the morning and then... 2 FPS but only when he is moving. If he stands still his FPS shoots up.  Now this same sort of thing has been posted before with Nvidia and it was PhysX that was the issue.  Again though this play just fine the night before.  He logged in and all of the sudden its just crazy.



      So here are the specs


      Processor: AMD A10 7870, Again remember it was working fine. I know this isn't an amazing processor for this game but no AMD users are wanting to upgrade until October when the new line comes out and everyone upgrades to DDR4 RAM and new motherboards etc etc.


      RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHZ


      Graphics Card: R9 - Fury


      Now, His computer is not running on the AMD A10 internal graphics card. His monitor is plugged in to his R9 290X. He obviously does not have it crossfired since that wouldnt work anyway because the A10's are an A7 270/270X crossfire only I believe.



      He has turned of Vsync he has updated his graphics drivers double and triple checked that he is not on the A10. He has also set his graphics in game to as low as they can go ( which he shouldnt have to do ).


      He turned his sliders all off... then later messing around he turned the sliders all the way up and it actually made a difference in his FPS and it increased which we all thought was kind of interesting. However its still unplayable.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this?


      I apologize if this is posted in the wrong location.

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          Is he running win 10, and perhaps display drivers were updated automatically by windows?

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            I have found that "The Division"  requires lots of CPU resources.  

            My System =  Windows 8.1 64bit with i74770K  and Sapphire HD 7970 6GB OC Vapor-X primary with Sapphire  R9 280X 3GB OC Tri-X Secondary, 1TB Crucial SSD, 32GB Crucial RAM.


            My advice, assuming you have checked your System is clean.

            By clean I mean latest patches for Windows, DirectX 11, and you have run the following, on Windows 8.1 at least.



            chkdsk /scan

            sfc /scannow

            Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

            Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

            If any issues at this stage, then run: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


            Here goes:


            (1). Go into Radeon Additional Settings (RAS) GUI, and Disable AMD Crossfire completely. I would even advise you to then reboot your machine, reopen RAS, and double check it is still off.


            (2). I have to make sure I disable all other applications, and use TASK Manager -> Processes to check my initial System CPU Utilization is around around 10% before I even launch Uplay or "The Division"


            (3). Run your CPU at Stock Clocks. Do not run your CPU with an Overclock. I can run my i7-4770K at +16% overclock. This pushes my CPU temps up by 10-15'C with no significant increase in Game FPS.


            (4). You should leave your GPU at Default GPU and Memory and Power Profile. I.e. do not run your GPU with an overclock. It should not be necessary initially. Especially in your example. I would however initially set my GPU coolinmg to maximum initially, even if just to help overall airflow and cooling in my case. This should mean your GPU runs at Temps well below well below any  'Performance Target' or 'GPU Throttle' Temperature. My GPUs run around 50-60'C.


            (4). Set your System Cooling Profile to Max initially.  For example set your Fans to Max R.P.M. Set your CPU Cooler fan or Water Pump to Maximum Cooling.


            (3). I have found, on an i7-4770K at least, that running the game with Crossfire Disabled and Windowed Full Screen is a consistent performer. It matches or beats Crossfire at or below High settings. It does not suffer from Flicker.


            (4). I have seen similar behaviour that you report, i.e. FPS drops when you start to run around.It drops further when you run around and shoot, and further when you run around, shoot, and there are 'baddies' around doing stuff.


            (5).  I *think* the reason is this. Sorry but I have to use some math now, to explain.


            Total_CPU_Utilization  = Pre_Launch_Utilization + Uplay_Utilization + In_Game_Menu_Control_Utilization + Gameplay_Utilization.




            Gameplay_Utilization.= Game_Activity_Utilization + KTD*FPS


            Where KTD is, to a first order, in a particular graphics mode, a constant value.


            More info based on what I see on my System, in 'Steady State'


            Total_CPU_Utilization can never go above 100%.

            Pre_Launch_Utilization is approx 10%.

            Uplay_Utilization + In_Game_Menu_Control_Utilization is approx 20%.


            So that leaves approximately 70% of my i7-4770K to play the game before I really even start. i.e. Maximum possible Gameplay_Utilization = 70%.


            Now. During Gameplay, no Crossfire.



            I see, when just standing still,and depending which graphics mode Total_CPU_Utilization value of  around 90% say.

            I then start to run around, I see 95%.

            Then a few baddies turn up. I see 100%.


            Once my CPU utilization hits 100% I start to have a negative gameplay experience.

            I see Frame Rate drop and variation. If Gameplay_Utilization.= Game_Activity_Utilization + KTD*FPS holds true, then as Game_Activity_Utilization goes up (more baddies, other players) or vary,  then FPS has to drop  or vary. 


            Now I don't know yet  if you are going to start to look into Crossfire to improve your in game FPS.


            But if you are:


            1. Currently there is a reported issue with the Crossfire Drivers (Flickering). 


            2. Please consider my 'Crysis 3 experience'


            Based on what I have seen with Crysis 3 with single GPU, when I am running around and shooting and baddies are present in a particular scene.


            It has a reasonably low value for Gameplay_Utilization in non Crossfire Mode (Approx 30% max)  and a low value for 'KTD' 

            Game_Activity_Utilization + KTD*FPS, and a correspondingly 'high' FPS in Crysis 3, even with Maxed out Graphics Settings.


            When I turn on Crossfire with Crysis 3 I see approx 2X FPS Scaling, i.e. if I was at 50FPS with Crossfire off I will be up to 96 FPS with turned on.

            My Gameplay_Utilization increases to 55% max. From this I could work out values for Game_Activity_Utilization and  'KTD'.

            I have not done that yet.


            To summarize for Crysis 3.


            Total_CPU_Utilization  = Pre_Launch_Utilization + Origin_Utilization + In_Game_Menu_Control_Utilization + Gameplay_Utilization.


            So in Crysis 3 my values are approximately as follows.

            Total_CPU_Utilization can never go above 100%.

            Pre_Launch_Utilization is approx 10%.

            Origin _Utilization + In_Game_Menu_Control_Utilization is approx 10%. (10% lower than for "The Division").


            So to start with I have approximately 80% of CPU resources available to for Crysis 3  Gameplay_Utilization.

            They never go above 55%, at least not in my test.

            I still have the remaining 25% of CPU resources left as 'Head room' to run other applications.

            I see no Halting, Stuttering, Freezing, or Flickering ... unless ... I deliberately max out my System CPU resources by running say 'Norton Antivirus Full Scan ' in the background.


            I hope this initial response helps you in some way. You are the first to see the above 'summary' of Crysis 3 and 'the Equation' explanation.


            I have published some benchmark data already. Although it focusses on Crossfire Flicker issue, I also looked at performance of the game with Crossfire Disabled,

            on a range of  different "In Game"graphics settings.


            Please see benchmark data at https://community.amd.com/docs/DOC-1494#start=125

            I continue to investigate the flicker issue and look at the Game FPS in single card versus crossfire performance, but will be finished shortly.


            "The Division" contains a built in benchmark, and, from what I have seen, the benchmark is a reasonably good representation of what I see "In Game"

            It does not take that long to run the benchmarks and summarise the results in a Table format.


            If you wish to add your own benchmark data in the same format I will upload the Powerpoint / Openoffice templates for you, after they have been run through Antivirus checking.


            Hopefully anyone seeing issues can set up their System, check it is 'clean' on latest  Windows Update and DirectX 11 patches and summarize what performance they see in a Table format.


            Perhaps by providing 'hard data' on multiple systems it might help expedite a fix in some way.


            Please do not post any videos on line or on the WEB  showing flicker issue as you might end up making someone unintentionally ill.

            Having said that, I just did a quick search this morning, there are around 10 videos on YouTube already, highlighting the performance of AMD Crossfire on "The Division".