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R9 fury screen tearing while gaming

Question asked by kyleevans on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by crayraven

I get this issue while play games where i get a horizontal black screen tear while gaming, it doesn't happen in all games and only happens at random, in Planetside 2 it happens for sure, i know for a fact that I've seen this issue in other games, could this issue also be related to the Screen corruption that many people are experiencing? (link to that thread here)

I have also had the screen corruption issue, but i thought i should start a new thread for this issue im having since it different.


like i said it only happens in SOME games and it happens randomly, but it's guaranteed to happen while playing thous titles.


I am running the latest 16.3.2 drivers, but this issue has been happening regardless the driver version.



Msi z97 g45

Sapphire R9 fury trixxx

8gb corsair vengeance ram

750w psu