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    Dell M6800 Cad Driver ?



      Purchased a Dell M6800 specifically for CAD operations - the original driver worked very well although since automatic updates i believe the driver i now have is 'tweeked' towards gaming which is not used on this machine - any advise would be greatly appreciated

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          If you can downgrade the OS version, it probably saves from having a lot of issues. However, a beta driver was just released for the FirePro desktop workstation cards, I'm guessing the FirePro mobility will have an update in the near future as well; I mention this because I'm fairly sure I'm seeing improved performance in my CAD package with the beta driver in W10 (but have only had it installed for a day). Note that the FirePro Windows 10 drivers are currently broken and not recommended for windows 10 except for general support.


          From the latest 15.201.2401 driver documentation:

          "this driver has general support for Windows 10 for listed Workstations products. The driver is not recommended for full advanced workstation features ... We recommend NOT to upgrade to Win 10 if you are using advanced workstation features.)...CF Dual, CF Tri/Quad, Display Overlap, Display Overlap Post Processing, EDID/MST, Framelock/ Genlock, SLS, MGPU-SLS, Stereo (Display based, Passive), 10 bit(native, packed pixel, SLS), SDI Custom timing, Stereo (Active, Auto) are NOT currently supported."


          Hope this helps

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              Thank you.... way past the month option of being able to downgrade from 10 in house so to speak, would purchasing, say Windows 7 and clean install be a good idea ? (if this can be done)  or the beta driver you mention ? running IronCad 14 - Cheers for getting back to me