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    Need For Speed 2015 sutters even with good fps


      Hello friends


      I bought the new NfS 2015 and started playing nomraly at 4k. As usual i check my fps, gpu and cpu usage when i play a game for the first time. My fps are stable at 40-50 and my GPUs are both active. My CPU is mostly between 60 and 80 % usage.


      Anyway, the game stuttered, so i turned all graphic settings to low. But there is no use. When I start driving it stutters. I have updated my Radeon drivers to 16.3.2 but it is still stuttering. I also tried to play at 1980x1080 and without crossfire.


      My System:

      AMD Radeon 295x2

      Interl I5-4960k oc to 3.9 GHz

      16 GB Crossair Ram

      Crossair RM750

      ASUS Z97-A

      The game is on my Samsung SSD 950 Pro


      Please help me fix this stuttering:)


      yours sincerly