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    Switching from Eyefinity to single monitor


      I have reported this issue to AMD via their feedback form, but I wonder, does anyone know of a way, with the latest drivers & software, to switch from Eyefinity to a single monitor view? The option seems to have disappeared in the Crimson software, and there are many times that I still want to use a single monitor.

      I'm not too happy that I can now only do this by switching the monitors off. The GPU is after all, still sending three signals, so there is a lot of FPS being wasted.


      Thanks for any info.

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          When you have an eyefinity group displaying, start Radeon additional settings and there is supposed to be an option in the eyefinity section to disable the group, among other options.


          If this doesn't  help let me know, there's other things to work at.

          I don't know about you, but I typically only use eyefinity for games. In the main Radeon Settings Game section in each specific game that I want to run in eyefinity I just check it off in profile options. The screens will change to eyefinity when the game starts and revert to whatever it was when the game is exited.

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              Thanks, but in the latest Crimson software, the option to disable the group is still there but most other options have been removed (or AMD have forgotten to put them in) - there is no option to enable/disable monitors, so there is no way to have just the centre monitor running.


              It's a senseless waste of GPU power - If I play older games that do not work in Eyefinity, particularly a graphically intensive one, I want the two outer screens to be disabled and  all processing power routed to the centre - it is ridiculous to have the game showing in triplicate or being forced to use windowed mode - it is a step backwards in the functionality of this software.


              In Catalyst, it was possible to have three distinct options - eyefinity, extended and single.

              In Crimson, I can only have eyefinity or extended (or pointless triplicate).


              If I could go back to Catalyst Control Centre but keep the latest drivers then I would.