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I need help with rainbow textures in fallout 4.

Question asked by rezail on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by atahualpita

When playing fallout 4, I start to get rainbow textures on certain items, and the items are different each time. Sometimes trees, sometimes metal objects but it occurs and gets worse over time.No i'm not overheating and this issue only occurred when I finally decide to download crimson updates for my R9 200 series graphic card hopping the problem was patch out but the problem seem to have gotten ignore, even though the compass was fixed, there seem to be an amd compatibility issue. If not how do I re-roll so  I can stop looking at the rainbow pixel trees please. This is horrible to look at.


This never happen before Crimson update never!!  Nor it does not happen for other games. Not over heating!!!


Turn off godrays doesn't work, turning down or of AA doesn't work