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    Massive Stuttering GTA V


      I used to be able to play GTA V no problem loaded with mods at 60 fps. After an update came out for the game, I had to remove the mods as scripthook v wasn't updated; it continued to play flawlessly. Recently (within the week) I get massive frame drops and cannot play. I have an i5 6500 3.2 ghz cpu, don't crucify me for having intel lol, a power cooler radeon r9 380 4gb gpu and 2 tb 7200 rpm hdd. I can still play fallout on ultra settings no problem. No matter what I've tried I cannot get Gta to straighten out so I can play. I rolled the driver back to 15.11.1 and that worked after some tweaking with the game settings, until yesterday. Yesterday I received the MOM.implementation error and GTA would crash if I tried to play it. Today I upgraded my driver to 16.3.2 (the latest) and the game no longer crashes and the error message is gone but the stutter is back. PLEASE HELP ME!