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LoadLibrary 87 Error: the parameter is incorrect OpenGL Issue?

Question asked by gamzrok24 on Mar 28, 2016

You guys say you have people roaming the forums to help answer questions, yet I keep seeing this exact one pop up without any solution. Would someone mind helping me with this issue?


Any time I try to open certain software including sonyvegaspro, photoshop, minecraft, etc, I get the error "LoadLibrary 87 Error: The parameter is incorrect". After extensive searching, it seems to be a problem with OpenGL, but I can't find a fix.


What I have done before is gone to my DeviceManager and "updated my drivers" for my AMD switchable graphics card there. It fixes that issue, but then messes with my other games effectively as if my drivers are out of date.


Can someone please find or explain some sort of fix for this ridiculous issue. I am currently in the process of contacting Minecraft to see if they can supply a fix.