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    AMD Core edition 7770 problems




      I have been waiting to use this card for cryto mining for a while I put it in my linux machine and run sgminer and after finding its sweet spot, hardly a mining monster but never the less it was working 100% fine..


      I decided to change that machine to windows to take advantage of multi-algo mining software there, but all the card does is BSOD  regardless of what drivers and "solutions" i have tried.. I have a Corsair 550 Watt PSU, (remember that card does not even need 6 pin power that should be fine but just to satisfy any question marks I tried a 750 watt as well) ..my cable is a hdmi directly to connected to screen, I have the latest drivers, I have also tried that cockamamie nonsense involving expanding atikmdag.sys from the installer or older version that simply just breaks the driver..


      What pee's me off is I have a older 6000 series Radeon mining just dandy, no driver issues there, AMD just seem to not give a dam about this card either, short of comments and solutions, all the so called solutions are hair brain'd bs that does not solve any thing and there's f'all really wrong with the card except for AMD's bugged drivers on the compute & opencl side of things..


      I would like to say to AMD that I simply can not buy another one of there gpu's with such a fiasco as what goes on with these types or generation of card, the fixes a frankly laughable.



      AMD you going to let us down that???


      Solved its not the DRIVER or AMD's issue at all .. so sorry for suggesting it was.. I knew it couldn't be right, it is  100% caused by screwy version of the SGminer that nicehash developers must of built.. if any one ends up in this frustration sgMiner 5.2 works just great on the latest drivers ..


      sgminer-5-3-0-general == fail

      sgminer-5-1-1-optimized == fail

      sgminer-5-1-0-optimized == fail


      that or the config files generated for them == fail


      either way your only real solution to mine with this gpu is to use awesomeminer in conjunction with sgMiner 5.2


      WouldBYAMD AGAIN 100%