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    Crimson driver: Random freezes with continuous distorted tearing sound


      Windows 10, up to date

      BIOS up to date

      R9 380 4GB


      The crimson driver causes my PC to randomly freeze and whenever this happens, there's a continuous distorted tearing sound coming from the speakers.

      Whenever the freeze happens, the system locks down and even the reset switch doesn't work, meaning I have to hard shut down.

      The freeze is totally random and it happened throughout crimson family drivers (Yes, I have tried the lastest crimson update 16.3.1).

      Every driver version was clean installed using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU).

      You might think the cause might be a failing power supply but no, the freezing problem never happened in catalyst drivers.

      I've reverted back to catalyst for the time being and I don't think I'll be going back to crimson for a long time.

      I've went back and forth between crimson and catalyst several times now and I've got to say that the latest catalyst beta driver is 100% more stable then the "stable" version of crimson.


      Anyway, here is a problem for you, AMD, to fix.