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What drivers do I need to get for my Laptop?

Question asked by andrei93 on Mar 27, 2016
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My laptop model is an Aspire E5-521G. I've downloaded the drivers from Acer's home page but I'm having problems. I've recently installed Windows 10 from Windows 8.1. On 8.1, I had the Crimson Edition 15.12 display drivers and it worked. The laptop has an AMD A6-6310 APU with integrated R4 graphics and a dedicated R5-240 2Gb GPU. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to use or even find that R5 GPU on Windows 10. I've tried using the AMD Cleanup Utility along with the AMD AutoDetect utility but after the new drivers are installed, I get constant bluescreens and I am not able to use the laptop. I then removed the display drivers again and tried manually selecting drivers for Desktop Graphics -> Radeon R5 Series -> Radeon R5 240 Series -> Windows 10 64bit and while installing them, it bluescreens again. I selected Desktop Graphics because it was the only place I could find the R5-240 and back on Windows 8.1, in System Information it said that the dedicated GPU was in a PCI-e 4x slot, that's why I thought it would fall in the Desktop Graphics category.
All this thing with drivers for APU, Desktop, Notebook, Integrated, Embedded etc is very confusing for me and I don't understand it all that well. To fix the bluescreens I have to reinstall Windows 10.
Now, I know what at least one of the answers will be, "Just go back to Windows 8.1", but the laptop isn't a good one and on Windows 8.1 it lags and freezes a lot, with Windows 10 it woks smooth. But on Windows 8.1 I was able to at least play old or not so demanding games such as Minecraft, Warcraft 3 and Universe Sandbox which I can't play on Windows 10 due to this display drivers issue.
Can someone please help me with this? I wish AMD had a program like geforce experience that would just download, install and/or update my display drivers at the click of a button. That would make it so easy for dumb people like me. Now, I'm actually afraid to even uninstall the display drivers on my laptop out of fear of more bluescreens.