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    Radeon Settings Control Panel.  What Driver Version..


      In Radeon Settings/System/Overview.   There is the software version listing, which is the actual "Crimson Version" I'm guessing, such as 16.3.1, but then there is another driver packaging version which is a completely different number that has nothing to do with the Crimson/Software Version AMD lists on their webpage, which within Crimson, is listed as Driver Packaging Version in Crimson, but not listed as the actual Driver Version.  AMD can you make your Driver Version listing any more difficult?


      In Crimson when you click on a tab, the other tabs slide to the bottom of the panel, why not just leave them at the top like any other normal windows or linux tab menu would operate...


      I think your making this Crimson way too difficult and too flashy for what it needs to do, even the old catalyst control center was way too over complicated, to the point people didnt even want to use it..


      I think thats one reason AfterBurner is so popular...  I know you can change things in AB that you cant in Crimson but AB is also so much simpler to use.