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Two Problems with Radeon HD8600/8700M on Windows 8.1

Question asked by quingu on Mar 27, 2016

I installed latest drivers: Crimson 15.12 on a Lenovo G510 laptop.


1. The new Crimson UI looks cool but has zero usability and very few tweaking features. It was bad, now it's even worse.

2 . I don't see how I can DISABLE switchable graphics. In the past I could use my integrated card if I wanted. Now It seems that I can't.

3. I get message: "LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect" when using client.  I see there are messages here about this problem dating months ago.

4. In 640x480 fullscreen there is no support for 4:3 aspect ratio: it's always stretched. Other 4:3 resolutions maintain it. I checked 800x600 and 1600x1200. 640x480 fullscreen is needed to play classic games like Diablo 2.


It's my first ATI/AMD card. I heard that your drivers suck comparing to those from NVIDIA. Now I see that it wasn't just a rumor.


All in all, those new Crimson drivers are a DOWNGRADE for me and I will try to install older ones.