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    firepro w5100 crossfire bridge


      can I use two AMD FirePro W5100 in dual mode?


      I read it is possible but I can not see any place on the card to where I could connect the Crossfire Bridge.


      I have a DELL Precision Tower 5810 BTX Base




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          XDMA card I think, so crossfire happens through PCIE (no bridge)


          Note that the FirePro Windows 10 drivers are broken and most of the FirePro extensions don't work, including crossfire support. You'll have to run under an older windows version.


          From the latest 15.201.2401 driver documentation:

          "this driver has general support for Windows 10 for listed Workstations products. The driver is not recommended for full advanced workstation features ... We recommend NOT to upgrade to Win 10 if you are using advanced workstation features.)...CF Dual, CF Tri/Quad, Display Overlap, Display Overlap Post Processing, EDID/MST, Framelock/ Genlock, SLS, MGPU-SLS, Stereo (Display based, Passive), 10 bit(native, packed pixel, SLS), SDI Custom timing, Stereo (Active, Auto) are NOT currently supported."


          Hope this helps