Issues with AMD APP SDK installer for Linux

Discussion created by firegurafiku on Mar 27, 2016
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Hi everybody.

I'm new to OpenCL and AMD technologies in particular, but I still hope what the community would like to discuss the issues I've run into while trying to download and install APP SDK 3.0. I wouldn't describe them as a good experience.

First of all, for some reason it was pretty hard to download the tarball from the official download page. The download process started after the EULA page, but stopped after some megabytes received, and it was impossible to resume or restart the download because the site hadn't provided the browser with a valid URL. I made bunch of attempts, with no success. Finally, I managed to download the file to another computer. Maybe it was a Firefox bug, who knows.

Then, I copied the file and installed APPSDK. But unfortunately, I've downloaded the wrong version (32 bit), so I removed it using the script. And noticed, that clinfo shows me no OpenCL platforms available. What happened to other OpenCL providers I had before? They're gone. So, could somebody tell me why APP SDK uninstallation deletes /etc/OpenCL/vendors directory entirely? I had to manually restore nvidia.icd after it.

Having fixed the ICD directory, I've installed 64-bit APP SDK using its installation script, but unfortunately, it hadn't appeared in the platform list after system restart. I checked env | grep AMD, and no variables were set. But they were here when I'd installed 32-bit version! So, I had to create /etc/ manually. Why would I need that installer if it wasn't going to do its work at all? I could unpack a tarball myself.

In conclusion, why APP SDK needs being added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH? Why it's not possible to just point amdapp64.icd to the shared library file using absolute path. I've tried and this didn't work.

BTW, the distro I used was Ubuntu 14.04 which is current LTS.