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Forced VSYNC still not working

Question asked by hexaae on Mar 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by faqu

It's so sad to confirm that in 2016 AMD drivers (current Crimson 16.3.1) still can't force vsync properly in many games... sigh.


Games examples where forced vsync is ignored:

The Last Remnant

Space Channel 5: Part 2


Zack Zero

Mini Ninjas



It's a known issue plaguing AMD drivers since Catalyst many years ago.

Will ever be fixed? Why can't you implement a forced vsync like D3DOverrider (that works with ALL games)?


AMD 7970M, i7-840QM, Crimson 16.3.2, Windows 10 x64



Please, don't tell me to enable Frame Rate Target Control etc. Vsync not working is another thing and I'm not looking for workarounds but for a definitive fix in AMD drivers.