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Is this driver's problem or something else?(voltage realated)

Question asked by cnrom on Mar 25, 2016
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SapXXXire R9 380X Nitro OC, plays GTA V using CCC 15.11.1 beta with random stuttering and lags.(15.11.1 is the best option for me cause other versions including any Crimson versions are worse)

However I have to enable "force constant voltage" in AfterBurner to make the game runs smooth, otherwise the game would just stutter randomly.

Could it be the driver doing bad on voltage handling? Will it / Does it has a fix?

And i would like to know if there is any side effects of turning on "force constant voltage" option.

Thank you and sorry for my English.



I5 6500


7200 RPM HDD

650W 80 PLUS



Game's setting:

Default Very High (FXAA-on & MSAA-2X)


380X should be able to handle the game very well regarding its specs.