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Display washed out on new catalyst drivers on HD7970

Question asked by terranz on Mar 24, 2016

Last night I left a game downloading on steam and this morning I woke up my PC the display was washed out to the point that I could not read anything.

I downloaded drivers again (v15) and got the same result.

I downloaded the new 16 hot-fix and got the same result.


I have an HD7970 and my windows version is Windows 10 x64

My monitor is connected via HDMI


When everything is washed out I cannot see tick boxes and most text so the only change I was able to make was to uninstall.  Also when the display is washed out it looks like the brightness is maxed out an all blues are orange/yellow.


**  I can see again by enabling DCR on my monitor but it still doesn't look right.  Edges of black text have bright white artifacts.

     Also I installed an earlier driver (14.501.1003.0) and got the same washed out result.


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