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    Windows 8.1 users-Help


      I am getting close to a new computer build. I am decided on everything except the OS. I will not use Win10..and am looking at Win8.1. Is anyone using this OS that can give me any feedback? Any issues they have run into...mainly in gaming? The build will use Intel I7-6700K and AMD R9-290 graphics.

      Any input welcome....

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          I paid a little more to get my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1, and I haven't had any problems gaming on it, granted I'm not playing intense games like The Witcher or anything.


          Still, are you sure you want to build a new system now with Zen and Kaby Lake due out in October, and Microsoft apparently relenting and giving support to Windows 7 and 8.1, as well as dramatic improvements coming to everyone with 14nm FinFET?

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              This I was not aware of. Thanks. > Intel, IBM Dueling 14nm FinFETS | EE Times

              I almost pulled the trigger last year when I acquired my 290. My real goal is to improve my motherboard (Intel DX58SO) and get the best/latest Intel I7 processor. I am glad I waited...and will do so now. What changes will be coming to motherboards with these new offerings? Which motherboard supplier would you recommend for a non-overclocker/like it the way it is computer? Any particular board? Remember this is with a Intel processor.

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              Win 8.1 pro, no gaming issues for me.

              Plenty of Tut's on http://eightforums.com , for trimming the fat off it.

              As for mobo, my last two upgrades (and probably next) were Gigabyte ultra durable series.

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