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HP AB035AX Laptop with m360 GPU Linked with A8-7410 with R5 m330 Integrated Graphics....the performance of GPU is very low

Question asked by puneet360 on Mar 24, 2016


It has been a few months since i bought the HP AB035AX Laptop,

I has been a bad experience till now as i mostly play Dota 2 reborn which is not such a demanding title as far as the spec.@@@ go,

i have tried all the recent available driver AMD has made available on the site & have used the HP Drivers also but the game shudders even at the lowest settings,

to be precise, i think the m360 GPU is not getting enabled properly to run the application even after setting up the application settings and global setting to high performance, power saving is off etc..


Kindly provide optimized drivers as this does not work. i am ready to provide additionl information regarding the driver versions and the settings implemented  provided that AMD is able to help me out.