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    Drive 6-9 displays with Dell Precision 7000 series per AMD claim?


      Per AMD document, Dell Precision 7000 series (7510, 7710) with FirePro W5170M and W7170M with E-Port Plus docking station support 6-9 displays, connected to a combination of dock ports and built-in ports.


      My highest so far is 4: system LCD, dock DisplayPort 1, dock DisplayPort 2, dock VGA.  When I connect to dock, connection to monitor cabled to built-in HDMI port is lost.


      What drivers and E-Port Plus part number are required to use dock ports and built-in ports at the same time?  I have Precision 7710, FirePro W7170M, Windows 8.1, FirePro driver 15.201.2701.0 and E-Port Plus part “F310C A06” per label on the bottom.