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Drive 6-9 displays with Dell Precision 7000 series per AMD claim?

Question asked by billvo on Mar 24, 2016

Per AMD document, Dell Precision 7000 series (7510, 7710) with FirePro W5170M and W7170M with E-Port Plus docking station support 6-9 displays, connected to a combination of dock ports and built-in ports.


My highest so far is 4: system LCD, dock DisplayPort 1, dock DisplayPort 2, dock VGA.  When I connect to dock, connection to monitor cabled to built-in HDMI port is lost.


What drivers and E-Port Plus part number are required to use dock ports and built-in ports at the same time?  I have Precision 7710, FirePro W7170M, Windows 8.1, FirePro driver 15.201.2701.0 and E-Port Plus part “F310C A06” per label on the bottom.