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    Driver failed to install for Windows 7 Dell desktop - MSI ATI Radeon HD6450 1 GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card


      My goal is to simply run multiple monitors on my Dell desktop computer. It's an optiplex dual core desktop with windows 7 (64-bit) with these specs:

      DUAL CORE CPU @2.93 GHZ.


      3 GIGS RAM


      I purchased this Radeon card to have a hdmi/vga/dvi port because this computer only has one vga port. I needed some other ports to connect to my other monitor.


      With my computer off, I installed the card first. The desktop would turn on, but with a black screen. I then pulled out the card, and restarted my computer per normal and it worked fine. I then installed the card with my computer running, put in the Installation CD and tried to run the autorun program (this did not work). I searched the AMD website and found a manually driver install and attempted to install this program. It ran successfully until the end when it said driver failed to download. I did this several times and it would run till the end of the download and then it says it didn't complete.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to properly download this card to my desktop so I can achieve my multiple monitor set up? Or could it be possible that this driver is not compatible with my desktop? It was placed properly into my hardware and the fan was running, so I believe it was functioning.


      Thank you!