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Discussion created by slamoka on Mar 23, 2016


I  order pc parts from bosina from my friend, and they coming at 26/3/2016, i will post my upcoming parts not the current cause my current is bad pc. Cant wait to put this gpu on my upcoming pc. cause didnt have enough money for any gpu . getting new psu and asus 144 hz montior ofc if i get this gpu .


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CPUAMD FX 6300 Black Edition
MotherboardM5A97 R2.0
Memory8gb 1600 kingstone hyper fury
Graphicsamd 6600
Disc Drive 1seagate hhd 550
Disc Drive 2kingstone ssd 128 opration
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSUhuntkey 550 wtt
Monitorled e2251 lg