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Wrong freesync range - Samsung u28e590d

Question asked by axis100 on Mar 23, 2016
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I recently buy a new monitor, Samsung u28e590d. The specifications and all reviews says it has a 40-60 freesync range, but in my case crimson shows a 54-64 freesync range. If I set the monitor to 60hz in Windows, it simply change to 54-60 on crimson (but seems like freesync doesn't work propperly). If I set the monitor to 64hz in Windows, freesync seems to work fine, but the range (54-64) is so limited.


I'm using a i7 6700k, with motherboard asus z170-p and GPU is a gigabyte r9 390 g1 gamming. OS is Windows 10 Pro N 64bits.


I'm using latest crimson drivers (16.3.1), but I have tested it with crimson 16.3, 16.2.1, 16.2 and catalyst 15.7 (always using DDU on safe mode). I've tried 2 different DP cables. Freesync is obviously enabled in OSD monitor and enabled on crimson drivers.


I don't know where is the problem, and why some people with same monitor have the correct range (40-60) and some others (like me) have a creepy 54-64 freesync range. Maybe Win10 could be the cause?


I appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.