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    Xfx R9 390x Screen Freezing computer unresponsive




      I have an AMD Fx-9590 with a Gigabyte 990Fxa ud5-r5 MoBo and an XFX r9 390x, this also occurred on my old XFX R9 280x, Os is Windows 10


      This crash/issue happens randomly but often multiple times per day. While playing games, any game really, eventually the screen will just freeze, not a black screen or a blue screen, but literally whatever it was displaying at the time. I can still hear game sounds but the computer doesn't respond to anything. Mouse clicks, keyboard strokes, Alt+F4, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Alt+Tab, Windows+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the list goes on, nothing i can do changes anything. The only way around it is to restart my computer, I've had the crash occur anywhere from 10 minutes to almost 4 hours at the longest run, I've tried the 16.3.1 drivers, 16.2, 16.2.1, 15.12, and even the old drivers that came on the CD with my GPU, no changes, besides maybe the frequency changes a little. I also get some artifacting in Fallout 4, card decides that one thing will be artifacted. One run i had all chain-link fences artifacting at distance but when I get closer the artifacting goes away. I've had rocks, trees, houses, and settlers artifact on me so far. However, each different run, only one of those things artifacts and when i restart the game i might notice nothing for a while and then randomly something starts artifacting. This might be a separate issue, but i thought to include it in case it is related.


      I can provide screenshots, but i am currently at work so if they are needed let me know and i will upload some when i get home.





      Note: I used DDU to uninstall completely after uninstalling with the amd updater tool through control pannel, before updating or changing my driver version.