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    Why does farming simulator lag?


      Ok this is the third furom site I am trying to get help from for my problem. I have a Hybrid 390X that does perfect in every game such as wolfenstien old blood, fallout 4, Grand theft auto V, alien isolation, rise of the tomb raider, mad max, outlast, middle earth shadow of mordor, the talos of principle and a few other ones ALL on ULTRA settings and get no lag yet I get lag in farming simulator 2013 and farming simulator 15 regardless of what settings I have set. I had a 960 Nvidia card installed but then sold it to a friend. I have used the display driver uninstaller more than 20 times trying to make sure I have uninstalled the old drivers. I have checked several times for new updates but it says I am using the latest drivers for my card. I have went through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling my operating system now atleast 5 times or more yet cannot get the lag to go away. I am using a display port cable between my video card and my monitor. The monitor I am using is a LG 29 inch ultra wide with 2550x1060 resolution.


      It's only 2 games. Is it possible the game isn't compatible with the hardware? Farming simulator ran perfectly smooth with this same computer when I had the 960 installed.

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          Is Farmins Simulator Patched?If I remember correctly,Farming simulator had three patches and all of them contained bug fixes.Please post the complete system specs so we can help you better.

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              Is Farmins Simulator Patched?

              -xeleron said


              I'm not able to play farming simulator without steam or without the latest update so thefore yes the game is up to date and yes steam is also up to date.


              My specs are here:(using speccy program to look up hardware)

              Operating System

                  Windows 10 Home 64-bit


                  Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz    32 °C

                  Haswell 22nm Technology


                  24.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (9-9-9-24)


                  MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850) (SOCKET 0)    33 °C


                  LG ULTRAWIDE (2560x1080@60Hz)

                  8192MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 390 Series (C.P. Technology)    29 °C


                  2794GB Seagate ST3000VN000-1HJ166 (SATA)    27 °C

                  931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-00RKKA0 (SATA)    28 °C

                  931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EALX-009BA0 (SATA)    32 °C

                  31GB General UDisk USB Device (USB)

              Optical Drives

                  ASUS DRW-24F1ST b

                  HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH16NS40


                  AMD High Definition Audio Device


              Here is everything I have tried so far: (yes I coppied everything here from another website only because I am getting tired of retyping the same thing over and over)

              No matter if I have it on the lowest or the highest setting, graphical lag is still present but my FPS is a solid 60. I just did a fresh windows 10 install. All my other games like alien isolation and fallout 4 runs smooth at high setting.


              Latest drivers are installed.


              This started occurring when I upgraded to the R9 390X graphics card. My 960 by MSI nvidia didn't lag this bad and neither card is refurbished.


              Bios is using latest update.


              Tried advanced system care, got old drivers updated (reboot afterwords) still no luck.
              Toke out entire mods folder and deleted the inputninding.xml then started a fresh new game in westbridge hills and get very heavy lag, this isn't playable at all (estimating a 500ms lag).


              The game played flawless with my old 960 card, unfortunately I sold it to a buddy. (ps yes I removed it's drivers using display driver uninstaller) and it was at about average settings. My PSU isn't the problem here at all, its a 850 watt by antec.


              Turning down the res doesn't effect anything as it seems but turning off addaptive vsync and turning off both aniosoptopic and multisample all in the game options takes away a huge amount of lag but some lag is still there. I used tikione steam cleaner to clean up the steam folder and now getting ready to use ccleaner on the rest of the stuff so I will report back if no change.


              I downloaded the draw distance updatter tool, kept all settings to default and all 150 and applied it and did not have any errors but still getting lag.


              I have tried running the game under windows 7 (or older) in compatibility mode and running it as admin.


              I have tested all hard drives, showing no errors. I am using advanced system care to scan for any new drives but I am completely up-to-date. I have ran furmark to see if video card is having issues, no errors, no artifacts I seen or any frame drops, no flickering or system crashes while testing. I have tested each and every one of my memory sticks using memtest+86 and detects no errors. I have removed some memory sticks narrowing my memory to two sticks with just using 8GB of ram or two sticks and 16GB of ram and tried different slotts with each stick of ram. I am using razer cortex to help boost or squeeze every bit of my computers performance out of all background programs so that my games will run smoother but no change. I have used CCleaner to clean out all my unneccassary junk files, temp files and etc. I have also done a registry fix using CCleaner.

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              Hello, i have the same problem with my R9 380X 4Go, and even more when i turn on the headlight  of vehicule ..

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                Please install Crimson 16.3.1 and disable Power Efficiency to see if that improves your performance.


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                    Just updated to the 16.3 update (did a reboot afterwards) and before disabling power efficiency I'm noticing an improvement but there's still lag. Disabling doesn't change nothing at all.


                    Very hard to say what causes the lag but most of the lag is coming from having the farm yard within the screen. It's like something on the farm yard is causing the culprit so I take out the farming simulator 15 folder out of documents, this sets the game back to all default settings (I set the settings back to high once I started it back up) and takes out any mods that might be interfering. I use a map made by the developers now and theres still lag present. I can drive through a crop field fully grown with some trees all around and no lag but once I turn the camera (screen) towards where the farm yard is within the screen(doesn't have to be showing) the lag turns up.