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Why does farming simulator lag?

Question asked by diablo182 on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by p_k

Ok this is the third furom site I am trying to get help from for my problem. I have a Hybrid 390X that does perfect in every game such as wolfenstien old blood, fallout 4, Grand theft auto V, alien isolation, rise of the tomb raider, mad max, outlast, middle earth shadow of mordor, the talos of principle and a few other ones ALL on ULTRA settings and get no lag yet I get lag in farming simulator 2013 and farming simulator 15 regardless of what settings I have set. I had a 960 Nvidia card installed but then sold it to a friend. I have used the display driver uninstaller more than 20 times trying to make sure I have uninstalled the old drivers. I have checked several times for new updates but it says I am using the latest drivers for my card. I have went through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling my operating system now atleast 5 times or more yet cannot get the lag to go away. I am using a display port cable between my video card and my monitor. The monitor I am using is a LG 29 inch ultra wide with 2550x1060 resolution.


It's only 2 games. Is it possible the game isn't compatible with the hardware? Farming simulator ran perfectly smooth with this same computer when I had the 960 installed.