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Sapphire Nitro Fury, what would cause this..

Question asked by brucer on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by amdmatt

This is the results of my new Sapphire Nitro Fury, which is the second Fury card that I've now received which has something wrong with it..


The card installed with not one issue using 16.3.1 drivers..


I ran valley benchmark many times over the course of the day and it ran good.. The computer had been up and running for about 10hrs with this new gpu.... Temperature never exceeded 70c at any point in time during benchmarks, at idle 32-34c..  At the time of the distortion/anomaly/signal loss the temperature was roughly 37c.. and I was actually browsing this forum when it occurred.. I unplugged the hdmi cable which was included with the sapphire gpu and plugged it back in and the signal/picture was restored....  It's not the monitor, the monitor runs fine with my other 2 gpus (hd6850 & r9-290) in this same computer and it has ran fine for over a year.


I am certain this is a gpu/driver issue..


System specs:

Full install of Windows 10 not an update, used my win7 product key for full version of win10.... all up to date with Microsoft

I5-6600k oced to 4.4ghz

Gigabyte GA-z170x-gaming 5

Sapphire Nitro Fury

16gig gskill ddr4 3000

samsung 850evo 250gig m.2

Evga 750g2 gold certified psu...

display is LG 29um55 running with Sapphire provided hdmi cable..



Typical Faulty Sapphire Nitro Fury - YouTube"