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    What should i buy 390x or Fury X


      Hello Red Team. Greetings all... I have a desktop system that cpu fx9590 and gpu hd6750 and wanna do an upgrade.


      If I won this giveaway whose luck is approximate %0.01 I will buy upcoming Zen CPU's

      If I lose this giveaway whose luck is approximate %99.99 I think about buying fury x but some people say 9590 is not enough for fury x you should go 390x.


      What should i do. Any other advice ? I'm still happy about 6750 but i wanna play new gen games and it doesnt run

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          Depends entirely on the game and how well it's optimized. The Division runs will run well on FX octacores such as yours. Older DX11 titles might not. But expect DX12 to bring new life to your CPU.


          some benches show similar fps but lower lows. Imo, you should be fine with a 9590 until Zen but just keep an eye on temps for your CPU and VRMs.

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            I have the same CPU (FX 9590) and 4xR9 290X all stock clocks. Not all games gain something with CrossFireX (waiting for Vulkan and DX12), so on some games I only use only one GPU. And If the game supports it,  I use Eyefinity 7560x1440 or 5760x1080 (3 monitors). always trying to use max settings.

            The R9 390X is a little better than his old brother R9 290X. You will have a great time with that card, but if you can afford a Fury go for it you will gain FPS.


            Im looking fo Zen too

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              I have both a Fury and a 290x, a 280x and a 260x. ... I would say, it depends on what resolution you are running, or intending to run. I like the fury alot, but on many games, the 290x at 1080p.  I plan on running higher resolutions later so, but as of right now I get higher fps on the Fury, but not a huge amount at 1080p. I would say let money be the deciding factor. In the long term,  an 8 Gig 390x may pay off more in the long run. Especially if you add a 2nd one later as games start to use more memory.

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                They are both amazing cards with similar performance (according to synthetic benchmarks). Of course this results will vary from person to person depending on silicon lottery and more importantly intended use cases.


                That being said, Fury X is faster so if you want performance over everything else than you should pick that one. If you are like me (and probably most users) than you are looking for something that have great performance to price ratio. You will get much more raw power per euro / dollar if you go with R9 390x.

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