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    Screen glitching on a Fury X while in Edge/Win10  interface


      I have:

      - a Fury X card

      - a Win10 64-bit OS

      - a screen that is glitching.


      This happens mostly when I'm using the Edge browser (like 99%) and 1-2 times it was when just in Win10 interface. Never in games. Glitches looks like the following. Image on screen shrinks about 30% by height, docked to top, and color lines (mostly green) littering all the image. Image still stays clear enough that I can open Radeon settings and switch, for example, GPU scaling on/off (or off/on) and then image returns back to normal.


      However, after 16.3 update the workaround doesn't work, as GPU/driver seems to suspend completely, with screen went green, then black, then switching off.


      What can I do with it?